Kitten Found on Offshore Oil Rig and Gets First-Class Treatment

Kitten Found on Offshore Oil Rig and Gets First-Class Treatment

Cats do like to explore and hide so you often find them in the most curious places, but one ending up on an offshore oil rig is quite out of the ordinary. A calico kitten that was only three months old managed to climb into a shipping container that was getting loaded and she was then seen on the platform that was 50 kilometers off the coast of western New Zealand.

Fortunately the workers on the site were quite fond of animals and decided to name the cat Maui, as was the name of the gas field where she was found. As they had some sardines at hand and some milk, they offered quite a feast for the kitten and Rebekah Smith, the medic on the platform took care of the cat.

The chairman Rob Jager said that “It’s unusual to have a small animal or bird found offshore but it has happened before.” The crew adored Maui but they still had quite a long time to work on the platform and as no animals are allowed there they had to call in a special helicopter trip for the kitten. They had to lure her into a cage that was borrowed from a local vet and then transported Maui on the shore.

A New Family

The crew members loved her so much that one actually decided to adopt the cute kitten: “Now one of the guys from the Maui team is taking her home. He looked after her when she was offshore and has convinced his wife they should keep her. Unless someone claims her.”

Until the family is able to take Maui home the cat is staying at the St. Aubyn Vet Clinic in New Plymouth and even if she was a bit traumatized by the entire experience she was quite healthy. Gemma Kinross, one of the veterinarians there said “We have no idea what her start in life was like, we checked for a microchip straight away. It seems like everyone loved her, someone rang today saying they would have her as soon as she could leave.”

The vet assumes that she went into the container in search of food and she really managed to find some in the end in the form of the sardines given by the crew. Apparently in 2001 another cat named Colin has stowed away on a methanol tanker going from New Plymouth to South Korea and when she finally managed to get back home the cat was named by New Plymouth’s mayor Peter Tennent as an honorary ambassador of the district.

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