Life’s Abundance dog food – The complete review

Written by Jennifer Pitts

Life’s Abundance dog food is a very good brand, and many dogs thrive on their wholesome ranges. This brand specializes in two product lines. These are called Premium Health Food for Puppies and Adults and Weight Loss Formula for Adult Dogs.

This brand reminds me of the Arden Grange range, which also has a four-star rating, but with fewer ingredients.

The first ingredients of both lines are ‘named’ meat meal, which is very good; however, it doesn’t specify how much percentage the meat contains.

Nevertheless, it does state that the protein content is 26%, which comes from the meat, eggs, brewer’s yeast, rice and grains.

Bear in mind, the 26% is not all meat! Their weight loss formula for adult dogs contains 28% less fat with 32% fewer calories than their premium range.

The weight loss formula can also be used for senior dogs and to aid with weight management. This range is good for older dogs as it contains L-Carnitine, extra calcium and phosphorus.

Life’s Abundance dog food quality

Lifes Abundance dog food offers two exceptionally good quality ranges for a variety of sized dogs.

  • Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for Puppies & Adult Dogs and are available in 8 lb., 20 lb and 40 lb packages.
  • Life’s Abundance Weight-Loss Formula for Adult Dogs and are available in 6.6 lb., 17.6 lb and 35.3 lb packages.

Lifes Abundance dog foodThe good news is, Life’s Abundance meat content is high-quality and human grade.

One winning bonus is their food sources are not from China but from the U.S. In addition, this brand has never been on the dog food recall list and has never seen any bad FDA reports.

Life’s Abundance dog food is free from ethoxyqin and are APHIS certified; this qualifies their products to be sold in the European market. The EU has stringent and additional regulations more than the U.S. for promoting pet foods.

Life’s Abundance does not contain artificial flavorings, colorings, corn, gluten or wheat. This will gives us dog owners peace of mind that our dog are eating healthy.

Some of their formulas contain ingredients that have varying controversies. These foods are beet pulp, flax seeds are known to increase estrogen levels, canola oil is genetically modified rapeseed; brewer’s yeast is said to ferment in a dog’s stomach.

Brewer’s yeast is known to be a natural and effective flea treatment for dogs. There has been no scientific evidence it ferments. However, just in case, I suggest you buy debittered brewer’s yeast to eliminate the possibility of any fermentation.

Brewer’s yeast is an incredible immune booster with 48% protein, it is loaded with minerals, vitamins and iron.

Life’s Abundance dog food guarantee that their kibble is less than six weeks old before you buy it. This is an unusual warranty, but nonetheless, an exceptional peace-of-mind for us dog owners. Not to mention, they offer a thirty day money-back guarantee, which is awesome.

For free samples contact the company.

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