Maro The Ambassador

Maro The Ambassador

Maro is a three and a half years old male tabby who has spent the last two years cosplaying on Instagram and he is quite popular today. Most cats from Japan are filmed while trying to hide in small shelves or boxes, playing games with their owners or just looking cute as cats tend to do. Maro on the other hand focuses on attracting attention through presenting and teaching us some of the key elements of Japanese culture.

His debut on social media started with a traditional Japanese festival outfit and as he seemed to enjoy the attention, the owners continued to dress him up. Traditional celebrations, special days and various other events in Japan dictated what he would wear and the informative blurbs added explained all of these in detail.

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Among the most popular pictures were the ones which involved food and the details of important ceremonies such as the Kagami Biraki or the Breaking of the Mochi which are parts of the New Year’s festivities.

The Japanese calendar has some days which aim to bring the attention of the person on different important topics or even on different parts of their diet or their daily routines. These careful examinations of the country’s culture made in a unique and funny way are quite effective at teaching foreigners about Japan and Maro is a patient poser who wants to impress and educate with his outfits.

Check out the cat’s official Instagram page and also watch some of the beautiful pictures here.

O postare distribuită de @rinne172 pe

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