Missing Cat Found 4 Years Later In Canada

Missing Cat Found 4 Years Later In Canada

Cats like to wander and explore new places but BooBoo took that to a whole new level after traveling from Watsonville, California all the way to the outskirts of Toronto, Canada. The cat covered a distance of 2,000 miles and there are various theories about how she managed to do that.

The Odyssey of BooBoo

BooBoo is a cat who was beloved by the family as she stayed with them since she was only seven or eight weeks old. Now that they finally have her back they are all thrilled. According to them the cat really enjoyed wandering around but always returned until one day four years ago.

“She had not touched her food bowl, not touched her litter box in about a week”, said the owner Ashley Aleman. They began to search for her everywhere they could think of and in the end had to give up. They even took their dog Oreo with them in the hope that his nose will lead them to the poor cat and because they were best friends.

The good thing was that BooBoo was microchipped and that was what eventually brought the cat back. “My mom got a phone call from a Canadian number, and she was like, ‘I’m not gonna answer’,” said Aleman but when she did they were amazed to find that the cat had made its way into the other country that was so far away from them.

Making New Friends

The Guelph Humane Society took her in as a stray and when she got there she was quite healthy. Melissa Stolz from the GHS said: “She’s really social, she’s very vocal. Any time you go into the room where she’s being housed, she’s the first cat that you hear”.

No one knows exactly how she managed to cross all that terrain but the main supposition is that, through her sociable nature, BooBoo managed to hitchhike or stowaway through the distance. The owners mentioned that she enjoyed to go into people’s cars and now she will have an even scarier trip ahead of her.

An animal protection officer will drive the cat to Buffalo and from there Aleman’s mother will pick her up and bring her home by plane so it will be quite a ride. Ashley Aleman stated: “I wish I could ave a huge conversation with her and just ask her what she was doing. I’m just gonna hug her as much as I can and probably cry though”.

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