Most Cat-Loving Country

Most Cat-Loving Country

Dalia is a company who uses mobile technology to conduct research and they recently did an investigation to find out which is the most cat-loving country. They went through a survey to see which country has most cat owners and it might come as a surprise to you but Russia is the clear winner as no less than 59 percent of the population there owns at least one cat!

Countries Who Love Cats The Most

Russia is at the lead and the next country is Ukraine which has 49% cat owners and the United States are on the third place with 45%. The company surveyed over 43,000 people from 52 countries in a research that was completed in February 2017. Not all countries were included in the survey, but from the ones that were, South Korea was on the last place with only 10% of the population owning a cat.

The fact that Russia is on the first place should come as no surprise if you know some facts about the country’s long lasting passion for these felines. The reign of Empress Elizabeth in the 1700s already praised cats and ever since then they were honored guests at the palace due to their ability to catch mice.

The palace where the Empress lived is now the home of the St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum and there are around 70 cats living there now. That city in particular is quite a cat fan and they hosted an International Cat Exhibition a few weeks ago. To add to all that, Russians celebrate National Cat Day each year on the first day of March!

Research Methods

Although the question might seem funny or unimportant to some, Dalia took a lot of precautions to ensure that their results are accurate and they won the IleX innovation competition in 2015 for their ideas. The Internet gives us a lot of access to data and they used this to the fullest with web-enabled devices on which respondents answer short surveys.

You can find out a lot more about the ways in which they conduct research on their website so we invite you to pay them a visit! Here is their full research.

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