Most Popular Cat Breeds

There are around 90 million pet cats in the U.S. alone and even if all of them are an endless source of cute videos, they vary in their breeds. Most of them aren’t purebred, but there are some breeds that are much more prevalent due to their great qualities, so let us find out which are currently the most popular cat breeds.


With their long hair and loyal personality, these are the most popular breeds throughout the world even if they require a lot of grooming. They should be bathed regularly and brushed every day to prevent their long hair from tangling.

Maine Coon

Really gentle and considered some of the largest domesticated cats, they have long fur just like the Persians but don’t require as much grooming. Some call them “the gentle giant” due to their friendly personality.


With short fur but similar to the Persian breed, they are nicknamed “Persian in pajamas” due to their coloring and they require a lot less grooming, so many prefer them.


Athletic and usually loyal to a single person, they are among the best companions you could ask for and they are quite playful in their nature.


With a shorthair and a distinctive coat, they are fine-boned, highly intelligent and usually extroverted so you need to spend a lot of time with them. Sometimes they are quite timid when strangers are around, but with their close friends they are really playful.


Known for being affectionate and placid, they got their name from the tendency to go limp and relax when they are picked up. They are really calm and docile, so they make ideal companions if you live in an apartment.


The sacred cat of Burma has long silky hair and they are really friendly. They like to explore and are sometimes compared to dogs due to their personality. They are loyal and will be by your side most of the time instead of minding their own business.

American Shorthair

They were first bred for hunting mice or rats so they are really healthy with a large and strong body. They are considered the true breed of working cat and they are low maintenance while also being affectionate with you and your guests.


Similar to the Siamese but with over 300 color combinations when it comes to their fur, they are quiet and lovely, making them great as pets.


They are really athletic and like to climb on anything they can so they require a lot of attention. They stand out due to their lack of a coat.

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