Most Popular Guardian Dog Breeds

People want a dog as their pet for different reasons, some want a smart companion, others want a pet that looks cute and others desire protection and safety. For the latter ones the best choice is a guardian breed and today we will take a look at the most popular guardian dog breeds you can get.

Wolf Dog

They are called thus because they are a hybrid between a wolf and a dog, making them very strong and fearsome. They need a lot of training from an early age to ensure they behave, but they make a great guardian for your children and your property.

Caucasian Shepherd

Their size makes them very imposing but they are really caring to the ones they love. When it comes to strangers they are reticent and will do almost anything to protect their territory and their wards so they are a great choice to guard large properties.

Dogo Argentino

The large mastiff breed is highly muscular and can hunt large animals, but when it comes to children they are really gentle. Territorial in nature, they are aggressive to defend their land and due to their tolerance to pain will continue to fight even if hurt.

Cane Corso

This breed comes from Italy and is very temperamental, so early training is required to ensure a balanced behavior. If you have him from an early age he will grow to know you, but they are suspicious of strangers, so make sure they aren’t left alone with strangers.

Moscow Watchdog

A hybrid between St. Bernard and Caucasian Shepherd that takes the best features from each of them, namely they are gentle and very intelligent without the aggressive traits of the Caucasian.


Highly intelligent, this breed adapts each situation and they are made to guard properties. Their instincts let them know when the security of the home is under threat and it is at those moments when they become really aggressive, putting their large bodies to good use.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

While other guard dogs are territorial, this breed has a pack mentality that extends to the owners and they become quite unsettled if one of them is missing. They are very dominant and require proper training to ensure a stable behavior.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Really loyal, these dogs will jump in a fire if their owner tells them to, so they are great with children and to protect your home.


Intelligent and gentle, they are easy to train and loyal, so they are a very popular breed. When they sense someone is in danger they become very fierce and they might cause a lot of damage if not properly trained.

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