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In brief here are some tips of how to choose names for dogs:

  • The name should always represent your dogs character and personality.
  • Avoid long and strange sounding names.
  • Always question the meaning.
  • What is the origin? – locations can give you a good name.
  • Dog names can be changed at any time.
  • Keep all dog names simple, with one or two syllables.
  • Their registered names can often be very nice, but sometimes complex; however, it may be worth considering.

For some more great tips on how to choose quality dog names, browse through What will you call me?

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[table border=0 width=100%] A to Z Dog Names,Origin ———–,Gender ———–,Meaning
Gabby / Gabi,Hebrew,Female,God is my light
Gabe,Hebrew,Male,God is my light
Gabino,Latin,Male,Man from Gabium
Gabir,Arabic,Male,Comforter / Consoler
Gabko,Hebrew,Male,God is my power
Gadar,Armenian,Female,Peak / Summit
Gaddi / Gadi,Hebrew,Male,Fortune / My happiness
Gaddiel,Hebrew,Male,God is my happiness
Gadiela,Hebrew,Female,God is my happiness
Gaenor,Welsh,Female,White / Fair
Gafni,Hebrew,Male,My Vine
Gafnit,Hebrew,Female,Little Vin
Gagnesh,Indian,Male,Ruler of the sky
Gahan,Sanskrit,Male,Difficult to understand
Gahiji,Hebrew,Male,Hunter / Seeker
Gaige / Gage,English,Male,Measurer

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