New Perfume with the Smell of Kittens

New Perfume with the Smell of Kittens

Demeter is a family operated business from Pennsylvania and they recently developed a new perfume with the smell of kittens that according to their statement took 15 years of effort. As they describe the product: “Demeter has captured the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort of that purrfect spot, just behind a kitten’s neck.”

Genius or Weirdo?

The scent is available in a few of their products such as cologne, roll-on perfume oil, body lotion, shower gel and even a diffuser oil to make the entire room smell like the back of your young cat. Their prices range from $6 for a cologne to $39.95 if you want four ounces of it.

This might seem like a wacky idea but it seems that there are already many fans of the scent and their customers described the fragrance as a combination of honey, baby powder and cinnamon spice bread. Some of the people on Facebook went further and even thought that the scent reminded them of “litter dust and cat spit” but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Not the First Attempt

It may seem like a new idea but a Japanese mail-order company called Felissimo had a product that is quite similar to this one developed in 2015. Their fabric spray smelled like a cat’s head and the company based their product on “baked bread” which is the smell some people consider to be coming from the heads of cats.

New Perfume with the Smell of Kittens

Apparently their product was popular enough as they also came up with a lip gloss that wants to offer the same sensation to the user as the one you get when kissing a cat’s nose. The gloss has been scented with kitten milk and they used a cooling roller ball applicator to make it seem colder. They even made three tints: pink, yellow and orange but sadly it is only shipped to Japan at this moment.

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