NYPD Has a New Cat Officer

NYPD Has a New Cat Officer

After someone decided to abandon a poor tabby kitten next to a police precinct in New York in the middle of December, the cops took pity on the young cat. They managed to convince the boss to adopt the cat as the precinct’s mascot and their morale-booster.

A New Family

The six-month-old tabby was discovered on the West 8th Street and Officer Martin D. Costanza along with four other officers started to ask their superior to allow the cat to join their workforce. His only condition was that one of the officers who wanted the cat should also take care of cleaning the litter box.

Deputy Inspector William Taylor took some convincing but finally agreed to the initiative and he soon discovered that it was a very good decision: “He’s definitely lifted spirits. There’s not one person here, cop or civilian, that doesn’t adore this cat” he stated for the New York Post.

Martin the Moral Support

They called the cat Martin, the same as the officer who was most fond of the pet and they all chipped in to make sure that he was healthy, got all the shots needed, was micro-chipped and neutered. The life of a police officer in New York isn’t easy and with Martin making sure to “inspect” everyone in the precinct he manages to brighten the day up.

Sergeant Raj Lalwani said that Martin is loyal and comes whenever he is called “He’s like a dog – you call him and he’ll come. I don’t think he knows he’s a cat.” As Taylor sees things: “He has the run of the precinct. He took control of the place right away.”

Civilians love the cat too and Martin makes the police department more joyful. The officers spread no less than three food stations throughout the building for Martin and he has several baskets put specifically for him to sleep in.

A Starting Trend

Martin isn’t the first cat to take permanent residence in a police precinct in New York and it’s really satisfying to see this become an idea that more and more institutions adopt. Everyone has to benefit, they saved the life of a poor kitten and gave him purpose while at the same time he makes their days better.

Another police station with a mascot was the 33rd Precinct where Popo the cat was helping with the morale until the cat sadly passed away last year. We think that once such as trend is started that precinct will certainly realize the benefits that a pet brings and will probably continue to find a new one while also hopefully promoting the idea to other institutions.

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