Oops! Was that dog poop you stepped in?

Statistically, it is proven that there are over 23 million bacterial particles in just one gram of a dog poop, this excludes viruses and parasites. If you were to accidental touch your dog’s poop without realizing, you would become very sick. Compared to 100 years ago, we currently live in sterile world. Today, there’s law for this and there’s laws for that, some are utter rubbish and some laws are awesome.

To my point, one of the greatest laws created was for dog owners to pick up their dog’s mess, with a dog bag of course! In some countries fines are heavy if you’re caught not picking up your dog mess. However, in some countries legislation’s aren’t as strict, whatever the law, let’s pick up our dog’s mess!

When a person or an animal steps in dog poop, they begin walking around millions of parasites, bacteria and viruses. Once on our footwear, pushchair or scooter etc it is virtually impossible to remove. This is how parasites, bacteria and viruses spread; it is then, we become fatally sick.

Dog poop precautions

In order to avoid becoming sick, precautions need to be taken. Always use thick poop bags to clean up your dogs mess or use a scooper and always wash your hands afterwards. Regularly sanitize door handles, light switches and other common places you’d touch after handling dog poop.

If you’re planning to take your dog for a walk, take dog poop bags, extra water to wash your hands and antibacterial wipes or anti-bacterial hand gel. The gel on its own is a temporal fix, it is proven that bugs aren’t killed, but lie dormant for approximately one minute.

Never leave dog poop hanging around for humans and other animals to step on or eat. This is the quickest way for viruses, parasites, and diseases to spread; furthermore, if children fall onto poop, it could blind them permanently. Poop that hasn’t been picked up is toxic, it is not a good fertilizer contrary to popular opinion and it will eventually burn your grass.

Keep your dogs from licking and eating their own poop and other dog’s stools. Additionally, never allow them to eat slugs, grass or mud.dog poop

Once the mess has been scooped up, always tie up the bag and place it in an appropriate dog bin, not food bins.

Remember, in some countries you will be heavily fined if you do not pick up your dogs mess. Other people and animals can easily step in dog poop and transport those stinky worms, viruses and bacteria.

Dog poop accessories to the rescue!

A great accessory for any dog owner is to always carry and use a dog poop scooper. You can buy small scoops such as Skoop-N-Pak and large scoops such as the Wire Rake Scooper for Grass or the Lazy Pet Poop Patrol Jaw Scoop. When you go out, carry the small scoop in a separate bag and always throw the bag away when you’ve finished with it. Regularly sanitize the scoop.

If your dog has been contaminated with another’s dog poop, they could become constipated, have diarrhea, vomit, a swollen belly, won’t eat or won’t drink.

If you suspect your dog is constipated take your dog straight to the vet as he could have an obstruction especially if he is vomiting.

If your dog’s poop is very dry and powdery, it could be a sign of dehydration. If you’re absolutely certain he is hydrated then it may be nothing to worry about. Often this is a sign of too many raw bones or it can be associated with feeding dogs raw food.

If your dog is eating dry dog food and he’s having powdery poops then sing praises because this is usually a sign of an excellent brand.

Should your dog have diarrhoea, then this is serious, especially if he is vomiting. If this is the case, take your dog straight to the vet. If you’re certain the diarrhea is due to giving your dog a different treat etc, then you can abstain him from his regular food or give him boiled white rice with a can of quality tuna. Tuna should be in brine or spring water juice. This works a treat at settling most upset stomachs.

What if your dog has grey poop. This is associated with an obstruction; hence, a quick visit to your vet is paramount.

Dog poop should be medium brown, thick and semi-firm. If they are eating a good diet their poop ought not to smell too foul.

Owners are the greatest judge of their dog’s poop, if you see any variations that could be a cause for concern then don’t hesitate to go to your vet. Always check your dogs mess for strange creepy crawlies, slime, blood or anything else out of the ordinary, check out Signs and Symptoms of Worms in Dogs.

There are many dog worming treatments on the market today, some are natural wormers, some can be bought over the counter and some are prescription medications. When worming your dog, worm the whole family; for more information check out Dog Worming Tablets and Natural Preventative Overview.

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