Pit Bull Hero Saves Boy from Drowning

Pit Bull Hero Saves Boy from Drowning

Buddy, a pit bull from Murray River in Moama, Australia was quick to jump at the aid of a drowning boy and assessed a situation that was definitely difficult in time to save a human’s life. Sadly the situation is a lot more complicated than it looked at first glance and it could have led to the dog being put down for good.

A Very Disturbing Tale

The child didn’t accidentally fall in the river but was actually being drowned by his mother. He was nine years old and the mentally ill woman already drowned her other child but this time Buddy came to the rescue. He tried to pull him away with his teeth and as the woman was doing all she could to stop him Buddy also bit her.

The boy managed to survive in the end but had to go in hospital for bite wounds. This meant that the rangers had to seize Buddy and for attacking a child the penalty for dogs means that he would have been put to sleep.

A Saving Petition

Buddy’s owners stated that the dog didn’t have any aggressive incidents in the past and didn’t bite anyone. So they launched a petition to save the dog’s life and it garnered over 50,000 signatures, showing that the entire community was considering the dog to be a hero.

The police advised the Murray River Council that Buddy was just acting in response to extreme circumstances and his purpose was to defend the child. According to the statement of the Murray River council interim general manager Margot Stork:

“The New South Wales Police have advised council that they will not be seeking an order to destroy this animal. Our Rangers are passionate about animal welfare and we will always work with residents to ensure their pets are registered, micro-chipped, and provide any advice or assistance.”

The maternal grandfather of the boy supported the petition himself and sadly for him this awful story didn’t end here since the investigation that was started after the 27-year old woman was arrested led to the discovery that her other 7-year-old son has been dead as well. He stated that “I have one grandson left, because this brave dog took action as required.”

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