Puppy Saves Her Owner from a Stroke

Puppy Saves Her Owner from a Stroke

Jim Cooper is a very lucky man and his life is now still going on thanks to Thibodeaux, the Australian Shepherd who is only seven months old. As we think that dogs usually only understand simple emotions or events this story will probably surprise you, especially since the hero of it is so young.

Thibodeaux and Her Family

The owners had some difficulties during the first days after they got the new puppy since she still had many things to learn and Jim Cooper even said that he “was about to take her back in the first week”. Of course, he is now very glad he didn’t and the problems Thibodeaux caused were gone as she was crate trained and was now sleeping in the bed of her adoptive parents.

Close to Death

Judy Cooper, the wife of Jim remembers that one night the dog was behaving strangely while her husband was sleeping. “I just heard whining. It was 2 a.m., and I thought he was having a nightmare.” She tried to continue sleeping but the dog got on Jim’s chest, she was looking down at him and whining.

It was at that moment that Judy realized something more was going on and after trying to wake Jim up she noticed he didn’t answer. The 82-year-old man was having a stroke and only the cries of Thibodeaux managed to alert his wife.

She called 911 as soon as she could and Jim was rushed to the hospital. Once he was out of any danger the doctors admitted that many people in that condition don’t even make it to the hospital so he was certainly very lucky to have the dog take initiative and show Judy something isn’t quite right.

A Member of the Family

As Thibodeaux learned how to behave indoors the adoptive parents began to like her more and more and now with this event it is obvious that she won’t leave their side. “She’s a good dog. She’s a member of the family, and she’s a good girl,” said Jim Cooper.

After a few days in the hospital the recovery was going well and Jim was moved at his home in Sandy, Utah to the joy of Judy and Thibodeaux. “Without (Thibodeaux), he wouldn’t have made it. I guess I would have woke up the next morning and lost him”, said Judy Cooper but thanks to their puppy they managed to get out of this situation.

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