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When it comes to choosing dog food, the sheer number of options can make things very confusing for dog owners.

There are brands and product ranges aimed at those who are on a limited budget, those who don’t want to feed their dogs certain foodstuffs, and those who want the very best for their furry friends. Nutrish by Rachael Ray is a range of super-premium foods that come in at the top end of the market.

Rachael Ray is in fact better known as a celebrity chef who makes food for humans rather than dogs. You may have seen her on her daily Rachael Ray show, or the three Food Network shows that she makes called 30 Minute Meals, Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels and $40 a Day.

Ray learnt a lot of her cooking from her maternal grandfather, an amazing man who grew and cooked everything that his entire family of 12 ate. Now she is bringing her expertise in the kitchen to the dog food arena, coming up with recipes that your dog will enjoy. Ray claims to use the same philosophy in her dog food as she does in her human ones, namely using simple, wholesome ingredients that she would eat herself.

The chef worked with pet nutritionists to bring the best nutrients for your dog together in a tasty meal. Experts at Ainsworth Pet Nutrition collaborated with Ray to make Nutrish specially formulated for your dog.

Nutrish Dry Foods are made with meat and vegetables, and boosted by the addition of extra vitamins and minerals. There is no meal made from poultry by-products, artificial preservatives or artificial flavors. The idea is to give your dog a simple yet healthy meal that they will enjoy eating.

Dish dry foods are available in two flavors. Choose from Chicken & Brown Rice or Beef & Brown Rice. Nutrish dry foods come in four different flavors which use chicken, turkey or beef, and there are also Zero Grain foods designed for dogs with allergies. Choose from Turkey & Potato; Beef, Potato & Bison; or Salmon & Sweet Potato. Another option is the Just6 Lamb food, which only uses 6 ingredients in order to keep things easy for your dog to digest. An added benefit of a limited ingredient diet is that it cuts down on the amount of potential allergens, which is important for dogs that suffer from sensitivities to multiple foods.

Nutrish wet foods are the first natural wet foods made by Rachael Ray. The recipes are inspired by Ray’s cooking, and each stew uses natural ingredients. The wet foods have a dog-themed name, including Beef Stroganwoof, Chicken Muttballs and Chicken Paw Pie.

You can use these wet foods as the base element of your dog’s diet, or in conjunction with dry foods. If your dog is particularly fussy, you might want to place a few scoops of wet food on top of a dry base in order to make a more appetizing meal. Alternatively, you could mix wet and dry foods together to prevent your dog from eating the wet layer and leaving the dry bottom layer in its bowl.

Last but not least, are the dog treats. Everyone knows how dogs love to be rewarded with a tasty morsel, whether it is part of their training or simply to show them how much you love them.

The Nutrish range includes Grain Free Treats, Soup Bones and Soup Bones Minis. Each comes in different flavors and follows the same natural philosophy as the rest of the range.

If you are looking to switch from a different brand of dog food, the Nutrish web site has a handy step-by-step guide which helps you to select the best product for your dog’s dietary needs. As always, it is important to transition gradually from one food to another to prevent any shock to your pet’s digestive system.

It is advised that you start by introducing 25% new food to your dog’s meal, compared to 75% of the original food. After three days, progress to a 50/50 mixture before switching to 25% original food and 75% Nutrish. You can then transition to using Nutrish full time.

According to the company, the health benefits of Nutrish should become quickly apparent. With plenty of options to choose from, it is important to find the food which best fits your dog’s dietary requirements, before sitting back to enjoy the time with your newly healthy pooch!

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