Rescue Dog Breaks Record For Longest Electric Bike Trip

Rescue Dog Breaks Record For Longest Electric Bike Trip

Mike Minnick and Bixby, his rescue dog, pedaled no less than 14,000 miles together on the electric bike to break the Guinness World Record for the longest electric bike trip. In their effort, they didn’t just surpass the previous one by a bit, they actually tripled the previous one.

A Life Of Adventure

This isn’t their first trial together as Minnick went on a cycling trip throughout the country to advocate for pet adoption in 2015. it was during this time that the two were left without a bike as someone in Mission Beach, California decided to steal it. Since then they have been traveling and promoting local animal shelters to help raise awareness about the poor souls in search of a home.

As the bike wasn’t just a regular two-wheeler since it was a Yuba Mundo which also had Bixby’s crate, toys and the iPod they were using, the response to this act has been quite impressive. He had to put the Hug Your Dog initiative on hold for a while to raise more funds and it didn’t take long to do so as the citizens of San Diego proved to be quite supportive of his cause. After a while over $16,000 were raised and even the stolen bike got returned eventually.

As Minnick told NBC: “San Diego reached out to me in a way that was really humbling. I mean people offered us places to stay, a complete stranger offered me their car. […] people came from everywhere and made sure that we didn’t go without, that we were taken care of. And they cook care of us in a really real way.”

A New Record

The longest journey on a motorized bike was 4,612 miles but now this dynamic due pedaled over 14,000 miles going through almost all of the states. After three years spent promoting local animal shelters, it is quite wonderful to see some reward and fame come to the two but this isn’t the ending to their tale as their plan is now to head north and wrap up the world record.

After this Minnick is quite certain that he will soon begin raising money for a new tour to advocate for pet adoption so check out their GoFundMe page if you want to support this initiative!

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