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Dominant dog behavior training can be a tough one to crack, particularly if the dog has barely been trained. I once fostered a wolf dog who had never been taught anything, by the time she left our house, she was somewhat changed but the process took a lot a dedication and hard work.

Picture this, you are walking your dog in the park, and suddenly you notice another dog heading your way. You know full well your dog is dominant and wants to leave his trademark even though both dogs are leashed. The thing is you have no idea how badly your dog is going to react, so what do you do? The most natural thing to do is look for an exit or walk in another direction. However, before you’ve even thought about a strategy, your dog begins pulling crazily, and the other dog starts emulating.

Getting to grips with dominant dog behavior training

Most people try different types of dog behavior training, they’ll mostly turn to apparels for help. This can be using things like headgear, leashes, collars or harnesses; and then there are food rewards or toys. I won’t say they won’t work, but most don’t or are a temporal fix.

Once you’ve tried everything and spent loads of money on apparels, it’s then a case of giving up and letting your dog get on with it.

The fact is, dogs are animals, and we have to think like them in order to train them well. Primarily, dogs are only interested in survival and protecting, particularly when they’re outside of the home. Another chief dog trait is that they believe they’re the pack leader, unless they’re taught otherwise.puppy food

Leaders always protect, provide, take the initiative, and they decide what’s dangerous. Should your dog think he’s the pack leader, then you’re in for double trouble!

A dog who’s leading will be dominant even if it’s subtle like staring you out, lying by the doorway, making it clear he wants a walk; chest puffed out, head up high or tail up or won’t back down, etc. They may even show signs of aggression; check out Getting to Grips with Aggressive Dog Behavior.

Understandably all dogs are made differently, and we all know there’re mellow and very submissive dogs (blessed are you) and dominant dogs. Even if your dog is chilled like my Kaba, there will always be something that needs working on – I will confess that my Kabas barking requires frequent reminders. Check out How to stop dog barking – Get peace today!

So, what’s the secret to dominant dog behavior training?

There is no magic formula – YOU need to be the Pack Leader. Believe it or not, the foundation to dog behavior training begins with this solid foundation. Once your leadership is established you’ll be amazed how easy your training becomes. Without it, your dog is only interested in protecting the pack, and that includes YOU.

Turn your training techniques around…

Remember, trying to sort out issues when they arise never works, it’s all about sorting out the root cause. Your dog needs proper boundaries; he is waiting for you to give out the right message.

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