Sir Patrick Stewart’s New Best Friend

Sir Patrick Stewart’s New Best Friend

The beloved British actor Sir Patrick Stewart recently caught the eye of the media through his care for the new rescue pup he got. The pit bull is called Ginger and she is a former breeding dog for a pit bull fighting ring.

A Continuing Mission

Sir Patrick Stewart and his wife Sunny Ozell have decided to rescue the puppy for a while until she will find a permanent home. Stewart will try to work with shelters to foster and find homes for more dogs, so this isn’t just a one-time event.

In the meantime, Stewart and Ginger seem to have developed quite a close relation of friendship as he was posted many videos or pictures on his social media with the two of them. When they met for the first time Ginger greeted Sir Patrick Stewart by licking his face and he responded by thanking her for the “very nice greeting”.

It is very sad to see dogs that are so gentle and yet are raised with the only purpose of fighting in rings: “She comes from a pit bull fighting ring. She was a breeding dog for a fighting ring. They’re all over the country, every state has these things and they’re very cruel.” Stated Sir Patrick Stewart and we can only agree with this.

Trying Something New

On the late-night show Conan, Stewart stated that this is the first dog he had in 50 years and when we see how well they get along this is quite surprising. He is definitely a person who loves animals and they seem to love him right back.

Check out some of the twitter posts and pictures made by the 76-year-old actor with Ginger. He teaches her how to swim and kisses her before bedtime but also tries to “impose” some rules such as “no dogs on the furniture” which he says with a laughing face.

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