Starved Dog Abandoned in Trash Bag

Starved Dog Abandoned in Trash Bag

When Barbara Adams went outside her home in the Wissahickon Valley Park to throw her trash she was amazed to find the head of an emaciated pit bull that was simply abandoned there and left to die. Obviously she took pity on the poor animal and carried the pet to her car after she found him with the aid of her ten year old springer spaniel.

The Story of Cranberry

“I could tell it was so sad and at the same time so thankful to be found”, Barbara remembers. “She wasn’t moving. There was so much sadness in her eyes.” It was a stroke of luck that Barbara managed to find the dog as she was already there for some time and wouldn’t have survived for much longer.

At the shelter where Cranberry was brought (the Pennsylvania SPCA) the dog received intravenous fluids to stabilize her health, as she weighed around 20 pounds less than she should have, and was kept under observation.

Infected pressure sores made the situation even more delicate, her muscles were much atrophied and she also had an ear infection. A re-feeding regiment began with six small meals each day as her system couldn’t absorb much food. The name Cranberry was received by her at the shelter since it was Thanksgiving when she got to the shelter and her age then was of two years old.

She was finally adopted one month later around Christmas time and her next few months were spent trying to get back on her feet. Her progress was made public through a Facebook page and thus everyone could check to see how she was doing.

The Man Who Threw Cranberry at the Trash

One fortunate thing was the fact that Cranberry was microchipped so it wasn’t difficult to find who her previous owner was. The shocking thing was that the trail led to Michael Long, a Philadelphia police officer who was in the force for eleven years!

As it was proven he was the culprit in this situation, the Philadelphia Police Department was sure to make a statement in which they specified that Long “has been charged with two misdemeanors for animal cruelty, one misdemeanor for possession of an instrument of a crime and one summary charge of animal cruelty.”

Nicole Wilson, the director of the Humane Law Enforcement department of the PSPCA stated that “This arrest today is the culmination of an investigation conducted by our officers and the Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs Unit. We look forward to the opportunity to see justice through the courts in this matter.”

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