Survival guide for big dog breeds

Written by Jennifer Pitts

Big dog breeds are sometimes known as large dogs, they don’t quite hit the giant mark. The difference between big and giant dogs is like trying to summarize a Chihuahua and a German Shepherd. Giants usually have low metabolisms and don’t want strenuous exercise. They enjoy exercise, but it can often be a chore to them.

Big dog breeds are the opposite to giants, they love exercising. This is mostly because they’re not as weighty. If you prefer a more laid-back dog checkout ‘Survival guide for towering giant dogs‘.

Big dog breeds blueprint

Generally, most big dog breeds are extremely active; they eat rather a lot; some can be very stubborn, and they shed a lot of hair. If you’re not used to going out in all types of weather, then these dog’s are not for you. For the most part, big dog’s require more work than most other sized dogs, this is why they’re found in rescue centers.

These usually weigh around 24kg plus; their heights range between 24 and 28 inches. Believe it or not, the weather is one of peoples biggest hindrances as to whether they keep a dog or not.

Firstly, try to imagine yourself dressed up in full-on waterproof clothing. Now envision yourself trekking in a treacherous rainfall in -2c temperatures on the beach with waves one meter high. Another visualisation is trekking in 40c temperatures with 97% humidity.

big dog breeds

I’ve just given you a picture of the South of England temperature fluctuations.

Today as I write, the wind is so strong that anyone wearing a wig will soon be revealing their beautiful shiny head!

Okay, you might be blessed with a balanced all year round climate; however, for us who live in the UK, North America or Canada etc, our lifestyle is dependent upon the climate.

Personally, I love climate varieties, but I wouldn’t say no to the constant sunshine that reaches a maximum temperature of 30c. It would definitely make my life easier and I wouldn’t have to worry about vitamin D deficiency.

Rescue centers are inundated with big dog breeds; before heading to a breeder checkout your local pet charity. All animals are thoroughly vetted, vaccinated and their fees are nominal.

The dog you choose will be living with you for many years. Ask yourself if you can afford a big dog as they can be quite expensive to keep. Big dog breeds are usually very loving and gentle; they thrive on companionship, and are usually great guard dogs or protectors. However, this does depend on how they’ve been allowed to develop from puppy stage.

Some people believe these size dogs can live well in apartments; the size of your apartment can only make that call. However, big dogs are highly active and they require a lot of space, a garden should be a priority. Big dog breeds in a small living area could result in a destroyed home.

If you are thinking about buying a dog, be very scrupulous where you buy your companion. There are some extremely indiscriminate dog breeders out there who have carelessly over bred.

If any dog has been carelessly bred, they can become unstable, temperamental and unhealthy. Often, you won’t realize there’s a problem until you’re home or had the dog for a few weeks.

As with all dogs bills can be high, particularly with big dog breeds. To see what’s involved check out our very informative article on Interesting facts for dogs – The new owners guide, it includes everything you need to know.

Big dog breeds can have health issues, especially as they become older. They are more prone to hip dysplasia, arthritis, osteosarcoma, bone and cartilage diseases. Their lifespan is usually around 10 to 14 years.

If you’re unsure about owning a large dog go to Discovering the best dog breed for you‘ to start another search.


If you’re certain about owning large dogs, then checkout ‘Comparing large dog breeds‘.

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