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After hundreds of years of domestication, it is sometimes easy to forget that our dogs used to be wild animals.

If you own a Bichon Frise or a Chihuahua, it can be difficult to imagine how such small dogs could survive by themselves in the big, bad world. However, dogs did use to have to fend for themselves, and that wild streak still forms part of their genetic makeup.

The idea behind Taste of the Wild dog food is to tap into these instincts by providing wet and dry food made from all natural ingredients. With real roasted meats, fruits and vegetables, Taste of the Wild aims to provide dog food that is as similar as possible to your dog’s wild diet.

Notable ingredients include salmon oil, which contains an omega-3 fatty acid known as DHA to support brain development, and chelated minerals, which help your pet absorb all of the useful nutrients in the food. Taste of the Wild also uses blueberries and raspberries, a great source of antioxidants, and dried chicory root, which contains probiotics to help regulate the digestive system.

The grain-free formulas have been tested for taste, contain easily digestible energy sources and boost the immune system thanks to the presence of antioxidants. Each of the products in the Taste of the Wild contains a different selection of ingredients in order to meet the specific dietary needs of different dogs.

Taste of the Wild offers different foods for different ages and sizes of dogs. Two dry foods are available for puppies, namely High Prairie Puppy Formula and Pacific Stream Puppy Formula.

The former is made with roasted bison and roasted venison, and the latter contains smoked salmon. Both foods contain DHA to encourage brain development and antioxidants which keep your pet healthy.

Owners of smaller breeds should consider Appalachian Valley Small Breed Formula. This food is made with venison and garbanzo beans, with a smaller kibble which is better suited to your dog’s teeth and jaw.

Another benefit is the fact that this small breed food is energy dense. It also contains more protein and fat, which means that your small dog is able to eat smaller portions while still fulfilling its dietary requirements. The food contains garbanzo beans, which provide plenty of fiber to regulate blood sugar and aid in digestion.

Those with medium and large adult dogs have a number of options. Choose from Southwest Canyon with wild boar, Pine Forest with venison and legumes, and Sierra Mountain with roasted lamb, among others.

Taste of the Wild also offers a number of wet foods. They have the same names as their dry counterparts and are intended to work together to provide a complete dietary solution for your pet. You can add a few scoops of wet food to a bowl of dry food in a practice known as “top-dressing,” or mix wet food with dry in order to make the meal more appetizing.

Wet foods are available in Pacific Stream, High Prairie, Wetlands, Sierra Mountain, and Southwest Canyon flavors. The canned foods can also be used as a primary food for especially fussy dogs.

The wet foods contain the same blend of high-quality ingredients as the dry foods, with an emphasis on taste and health benefits. Taste of the Wild does not offer supplements or treats at this point in time.

The company says that each of its foods are specially formulated in order to negate the need for extra supplements. However, Taste of the Wild does say that you can add specific supplements to treat certain conditions if you need to, although it recommends consulting your vet before adding anything to your pet’s diet.

Taste of the Wild works hard to gain pet owners’ trust, and one way of doing so is using an enhanced guaranteed analysis. These figures tell you the percentages of different kinds of nutrients that a bag of dog food contains.

For example, owners of active dogs may want a food that is high in protein, and the guaranteed analysis published on each Taste of the Wild food will inform you whether levels of protein are sufficient for your pet’s needs. This is also important in foods aimed at puppies, which need increased amounts of certain nutrients in order to boost growth and development.

If the idea of satisfying your dog’s wild instincts appeals to you, Taste of the Wild is a good choice. The natural ingredients are selected for quality and nutrition, meaning that you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are giving your pet the best chance of living a healthy, happy life.

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