The Adventures of Sinbad the Cat

The Adventures of Sinbad the Cat

Sinbad is a cat who went through a very difficult life so far and from the title of “carpet that crawls” the cat is now an internet superstar. The poor nine year old Persian was discovered in the basement of an elderly man’s home in the month of December and most of the cat’s weight came from the extremely dirty fur he was carrying everywhere.

The Difficult Life of Sinbad

Sinbad was living on the south side of Chicago and a municipal worker called the Anti-Cruelty Society and they were shocked by the condition they found the cat in. The PR manager of the society Colette Bradley said:

“Our humane investigation team went to the location and spoke with the owner of the cat. He was an elderly man whose mental health was failing and he couldn’t care for the cat. Our humane investigators asked him if he would be willing to relinquish the cat into our care and he agreed. We brought him in to our facility and began to shave the 5 lbs. of matted hair off him. It ended up taking two shaves.”

The back legs of Sinbad were immobile due to so much dirt and electric razors were used to get as close to his skin as possible and remove all that mess but the entire process went on for several hours. They had to use anesthesia at one point as the cat was clearly in pain from this difficult process.

Once the cat was cleaned up they realized that the cat seemed to come back to life and was quite joyous to have gotten rid of all that filthy baggage. “As soon as that hair started coming off and he could walk, he started rubbing up against the people in the room. He was so affectionate and was looking for love in return. We were all shocked by how friendly he was considering he had such limited human interaction in his life prior to being rescued”, said Bradley in an interview for People magazine.

Leaving His Old Life Behind

The Anti-Cruelty Society started a diet for Sinbad to gain some weight back and he quickly recovered starting to explore the furniture as well as to interact with the people around him. This meant that people started loving his company and when Elliott Serrano, an employee at the Society, decided to take him home for Christmas it became obvious that this wasn’t going to be temporary.

Elliot shared the story of Sinbad to the entire world through his Facebook page and how the Persian cat became an internet celebrity who certainly seems to have a lot more fun with the new caretaker.

The Adventures of Sinbad the Cat

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