The Benefits of Having a Dog

Any pet can be a helpful companion and will make days much more fun, but when it comes to dogs there are even more advantages than any other pet. Let us take a look at the benefits of having a dog and find out why they are so popular.

The Perfect Companion

They aren’t called “man’s best friend” for nothing. Dogs offer you companionship more than any other animal and that is because they are also very dependent on their owner. Their loyalty is really impressive and you see many dogs being heartbroken when their master leaves them at home.

An Opportunity to Exercise More

You have to take the dog out on walks constantly and this will make your life be more active. The walks through the park and playing with your dog are great for the both of you and you will be healthier due to these simple facts.

Children who have dogs have 50% less chances of being overweight and this is simply due to all the running and walking that is involved when owning a dog. This statistic applies to adults as well and with obesity becoming a problem this is a good way of preventing it.

You will have your personal trainer each day and he will act as an alarm clock that will always keep you from sleeping too much, but that isn’t a plus for everyone.


Dogs were some of the first animals domesticated by humans and throughout their long history together they learned to understand our state of mind through our facial expression.

Children with dogs tend to be more emphatic with their colleagues since they learn what to do and not do from their pets. This will lead to a better emotional and social development for the child and thus they will be better adapted for the future because of their canine friend.

Improving Social Connections

Most dog owners interact with one another because their pets like to play together and thus you have an opportunity to make more friends. Polls show that people are more likely to trust someone who has a dog and will appeal to them when they need help.

The neighbors will feel more secure if there is a dog nearby to protect them from possible dangers and you get to meet with them more often due to the walking routines that you have to take. Your dog is also a great topic of conversation and could help you start a dialogue with someone.

Medical Benefits

Pet owners in general tend to stay less in hospitals and they have reduced levels of stress, meaning that you won’t have to go to the doctor as often. This doesn’t apply to dogs alone but they are among the ones that bring most health benefits due to the workout you have to do.

Since the stress levels are lower this also means that the risk of heart disease is decreased by somewhere around 4% and this also improves your general mood, making you happier. It seems that the cholesterol and triglyceride levels are lower to dog owners and since your dog will expose you to many germs this will improve your general immune system.

If your children grow in a house with dogs they will be less likely to develop allergies over the course of their lives and this is also a plus!

Something quite odd but eventually scientifically proven is that dogs can smell cancer in a human body, so if you see them constantly sniffing or licking a mole or lump on your body then that is a sign that you might want to have it checked. Due to this skill some of them were trained specifically for this task.

Dogs Help against Depression

Since the attention and care you receive from a dog is the closest thing to unconditional love that we can think of this is a crucial factor when you are feeling down. Feelings of loneliness are also left behind through their companionship and this will improve the owner’s general mood.

From these observations new forms of therapy were developed which are assisted by pets and many hospitals or nursing homes adopted pets to serve as the companions of the sick and elderly. Alzheimer patients have fewer anxious outbursts when there is an animal in the house so that is an added bonus.

 You Will Feel Safer

Dogs, especially guard breeds are amazing for keeping your home secure and it was proven that the bark of a dog will deter burglars from approaching your house. Not only will the risk of break-ins decrease but you will also feel more protected.

The more you train your dog the better he will do this job and you will have a faithful companion to watch over your house keeping unwanted visitors at bay.

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