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Here are some excellent organic dog food brands for you to consider. Bear in mind organic meals are usually a lot more pricey. If these organic dog food brands are not within your budget, then checkout  this ‘Top five-star brands – dog food reviews‘ article. At present, there are a few handfuls of organic dog food brands, but most to not offer decent ingredients. Decent means proper food, it is invigorating and rejuvenating for your dog. As a result, you’ll notice I’ve recommended only four brands.

Best organic dog food brands

When your dog eats healthy food they will be in peak condition. Quality wholesome ingredients nourish your dogs body, they build your dogs immune system which in turn helps to flight viruses and diseases. The brands below vary from two-star to five-star. Bear in mind though, I have selected the best organic dog food brands with the little that’s presently on the market.

Please check out ‘Clarifying organic dog food myths‘ if you’re uncertain how to interpret the true meaning behind manufacturing parables. Furthermore, to truly enlighten the way you think browse through our Dog food ingredients debunked, this article is a true eye opener.

faded-line5Organic dog food brandsPaw Naturaw Organic contains foods such as chicken from the bone, heart, liver, quality fats, huge amounts of vegetables and fruits, flax seeds, herbs and plenty of additional supplements. I will not haste to mention that every ingredient is organic unless otherwise stated. Organic dog food brands are on the rise and this one I feel is one of the most decent around.


Paw Naturaw Organic is considered a raw dog food. In my estimation it has a five to six-star rating. This company offers a variety of meals, which are considered a complete, balanced and non-toxic food.

This brand is definitely top of the range, is human-grade and contains ingredients that are beneficial to stimulate a dogs growth. You will find no grains or cereal in this product. Paw Naturaw brand is a quality brand that surpasses the AAFCO, this will give you peace of mind.


Organic dog food brandsPaul Newman’s contains foods such as named fresh meat, pulses, small amounts of cereal, flax seeds, vegetables and additional supplements. Paul Newman’s Own claims that all the listed ingredients are more than 70% organic. Newman’s Organics meets the AAFCO and their dried foods are considered complete and balanced, this will give you peace mind.

I have rated Newman’s as four-stars, this is because their chicken ought to be chicken meal  and some of their formulas start with pulses.

Secondly, this range contains a lot of cereal, grains and peas. Peas are a filler and is a protein enhancer, which generally and quietly (hush hush) substitute meat. Thirdly, it contains soy bean meal and flax seed meal; controversies state these can unbalance hormones by increasing estrogen’s.


Organic dog food brandsNatura Karma contains foods such as named meat, cereal, flax seeds, quality oil and supplements. Natura claim their food is free of contaminants, and all Karma meat is 95% human grade and certified organic.

Natura Karma state their foods have been tested and they don’t add any non-US protein supplements to bump up the protein percentage. However, they do include peas, which are a filler and is a protein enhancer.

I have rated Nutura as a three-star rating because the primary ingredient is fresh meat; chicken meal would have been better. Furthermore, in my opinion this brand contains high amounts of cereal and grain and cereal. Additionally, some of their formulas contain wheat which means this not gluten free.


Organic dog food brandsPero Organic contains foods such as named meat and high quantities of of cereals, full fat soya, peas, milk, herbs, honey and small amounts of supplements.

I have rated Pero as a two to three-star rating. I wouldn’t normally recommend brands with a low rating, but I listed this because organic dog food brands a few and far between at the moment. The food begins with fresh meat; chicken meal would have been better. The next 2-4 ingredients should be as valuable as the first, but it only contains grains and cereal.

Furthermore, Pero includes soya which is known to increase estrogen, peas are a protein filler and an enhancer. Additionally, dairy should not be given to dogs, although quality natural yogurt is safe. I would not feed my dogs this food.


Organic dog food brandsLily’s Kitchen organic range contains foods such as named fresh meat; ample pulses, cereals and grains. Her organic formula also contains seeds, quality oils, vegetables and herbs.

Although Lily’s contains high amounts a variety of different foods I would not rate this high than four-stars. In fact, this is probably more towards three-stars simply because of its low meat content and high pulses, grains and cereals.

Reputable organic dog food brands are hard to come by and Lily’s appears okay. It’s not a poor quality brand and their organic range is 100% organic. If you’re bothered about organic, their grain-free formulas are excellent.


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