Three-Legged Cat Relieves Stress At Cambridge

Three-Legged Cat Relieves Stress At Cambridge

At the Cambridge University, the library found a unique and exciting way to relieve the stress students go through during the exam season. The deputy librarian of the Marshall Library of Economics adopted Jasper, a five-year-old ginger tomcat as an official mascot of the institution.

The Story Of Jasper

The poor cat went through a car accident and was then abandoned by his owners so he ended up in a rescue center. To his luck, the deputy librarian Simon Frost took pity on the orange cat which reminded him of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

He brought the cat on the university’s premises to test how he would react and if he would disturb the students. Nothing of the sort happened, everyone liked the new librarian’s aid and he would explore the new territory.

According to his owner Simon Frost: “He’s bouncy like Tigger, because he has three legs, and he’s a bit unstable when he moves slowly, so he goes everywhere at speed”. The sad thing is that apparently he loved to climb in trees and he still does that quite often but due to his condition it’s quite impossible for him to get down.

His Current Schedule

For the moment he is enjoying his life indoors, getting to relax through all the books, maybe catch some library rat or if not just get some sleep on one of the shelves. He actually has some sort of a job as the mascot of the Marshall Library of Economics and he is a moral support for the students, especially during the stressful period of the exams.

“Students coming to visit and pet Jasper told us just how much he’d calmed them down and helped them relieve any stress. Many of them were missing their own cats or other pets”, said Clare Trowell, one of the other librarians there.

Jasper, the Economics Cat

Now the university created a cat club on Facebook where students can share photos of their pets and find other cat lovers. Many announcements from the library are now made through the voice of Jasper, making the institution a lot more fun and he even has his own hashtag – #economicscat!

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