Timberwolf dog food – The complete review

Timberwolf dog food has been around since 1995, and they have certainly raised a storm with their products. Timberwolf dog food contains all health and nutritional benefits of raw dog food, but with the convenience of being a dry dog food. I stands to reason why this brand deserves five-stars.

Timberwolf food is an excellent choice for those who are looking for the ultimate nutritious dog food in a convenience form. Their formulas contain nothing toxic unlike many other commercial brands. Some brands are laced with by-products, hormones, antibiotics and much more unnatural nonsense.

You will find no allergy irritants in Timerwolf dog food, which are usually wheat, corn or gluten, etc. A bonus concerning this brand is that your dog will not be consuming BHA/BHT, ethoxyquin or abnormal preservatives and colorings.

If your pet suffers with allergies, then toxicity could be the problem, I dare you to check the ingredients of your current brand. One things for sure, you will never have to worry about Timberwolf dog food, they guarantee purity!

Timberwolf dog food quality

Timberwolf has three different product lines and within those lineages there are ample of ranges to choose from. These consist of Platinum Canine Formulas, Classic Canine Formulas and Gaea Holistic all Life Stages Formulas.

Timberwolf dog food

Timberwolf offers an array of exceptionally good quality ranges for a variety of sized dogs. All their ranges are reasonably priced. Their packages are available in 1lb, 3lbs, 12lb and 24lb.

Timberwolf dog food is localized from high-quality sources. They say, you are guaranteed a complete, balanced and excellent food.

The Platinum range is 80% protein, 20% fruit and vegetable and 0% carbohydrates. I believe this range is their best and deserves five-stars.

Their food is teaming with natural vitamins and minerals, non-heated probiotics, unprocessed oils and fats, antioxidants and a perfect array of amino acids. This nutritious dog food is as expected, and it is preserved with vitamin E and rosemary extract.

All the Timberwolf dog food ranges are sealed in oxygenated barrier packaging to ensure owners received their goods without oxidation and with zero rancidity. Their one-way valve protects the food from outside contamination, which helps to keep fresh. Timberwolf is a food that dog deserves!

Their raw and cooked foods are thoroughly tested. Raw food isn’t permitted onto their premises until guaranteed and certified. Their foods exceed the AAFCO standards, and their manufacturing plant is USDA inspected and is APHIS certified.

Timberwolf intermittently swab their plant for salmonella and other potentially harmful bugs. Their swabs are also externally verified. It’s a fact, Timberwolf is committed to providing the best for your dog.

Even though a couple of their ranges were recalled, they are dedicated to ensuring this doesn’t recur.

Timberwolf dog food has extra superfoods added, such as kelp and ground flax; these nutrients offer additional vitamins and minerals. There are, however, varying controversies concerning flaxseeds, it can alter hormones by increasing oestrogen levels.

Although their primary ingredients are not ‘meal’ but fresh meat, there are various other meals further along the list. The ‘named’ meals make up for the water loss during the drying process. The fact that this food is such good quality clearly gives Timberwolf five-stars.

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