Unbias Applaws Cat Food Review

Brand Name: Applaws cat food
Where to Buy: Amazon
Cost: $35.60 for 5.5lb
My Rating: 10/10

Applaws cat food is one of my favorite cat foods to recommend as there is just so much about it that is great, in so many ways. Many cat foods will excel in one or two points but then fall short on the other points. Applaws, however, excels in every point, leaving only your cat to decide whether they want to be a fussy eater and prefer something else!

Even if your cat doesn’t like this brand it is still what I would class as one of the best foods on the market. Our own one-year-old cat loves it and won’t eat anything else.

Is Applaws cat food a balanced diet?

The first thing to note about this brand is that the protein content is extremely high. Most market cat foods will have a grain percentage of up to 70% or even more. Unfortunately, for the cats who are fed this, it is very unhealthy because of the high-carbohydrate content.

In the wild, cats eat mostly animal protein, with less than 5% of that consisting of grains. Applaws cat food corrects this problem by using 80% of real chicken in their product. This balances your cat’s diet back to the way it should be. And the benefits of this include a total change in behavior as you will see below.

Energy expenditure

Cat foods that contain grains tend to make your cat sluggish and lethargic; this often happens in humans as well. The fact is these types of carbohydrates don’t provide the correct type of energy source for your cat. Many cats on this type of diet will not be very active and will gain a lot of weight, as well as eat more in order to feel satisfied. Thus this cycle creates a loop of hunger-tiredness syndrome.

Applaws however, makes cats active and playful again; they’ll be bursting full of energy and ready to take over the world! I’d suggest you get out your cats toys because you’re probably going to need them! It always makes me happy to see our cat happy, and keeps me active too!Unbias Applaws Cat Food Review

Cost and convenience

Applaws Chicken Cat Food keeps your cat at a healthy weight and prevents them from having to eat so much. An adult cat can be fully satisfied with only half the amount you would give them with other foods, because it is high-quality. Initially, you might think it looks expensive, but it turns out to be cheaper in the long run just for this simple fact.

In fact, our own cat Sox will often leave a lot of his food because he is so satisfied, and not because he doesn’t like it either! He thinks this food is so tasty he won’t touch anything else, not even high-quality salmon scraps from the table! This has actually stopped his begging and scavenging for food, which again is highly convenient for us humans!

Of course, it’s not just their cat food range that’s impressionable, Applaws dog food is just as healthy. For further information on what ingredients can be put in our pet’s food check out Ultimate guide: Dog food ingredients debunked.

Physical changes in your cat

One huge change we’ve noticed after feeding him Applaws cat food was the consistency of his poop, as well as the efficiency of his digestive system overall. Before we fed our cat this food, his poop would smell quite awful and would be huge. On top of that he would poop multiple times in the day which wasn’t healthy at all. No wonder he was always so hungry!

Now he poops only once or twice a day, and they are small and much more odorless. He also has little bloating or wind, unlike before. So as well as being better for his health, Applaws is better for my nose!

Finally, due to the high-quality of this food, you will find your cat’s coat to be much more silky and smooth. I think our cat Sox could do an advert for Loreal it’s so shiny!

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