What is a Pomsky and Should You Have One?

What is a Pomsky? The Pomsky is the latest dog to be highly sought after for its uniqueness and also what can only be called pure adorableness by those that own one.

Pomsky’s are a crossbreed between the Pomeranian and the Husky, hence the name. Unlike many seem to assume they are not a purebreed dog and are instead a ‘designer dog’, that is their breed has been ‘designed’to produce a specific breed which in this case has been crossed from two different kinds of dogs.

The Pomeranian is a small dog whilst the Husky is a large dog, and so because of this the offspring of these two types can vary greatly, with some being much smaller and others being much larger. Though the average size is a happy medium in-between.

As you could probably imagine, a Pomeranian female carrying the pups of the larger Husky dog would be painful as they would be much larger than the Pomeranian could bear.

Instead then the Husky is always the female dog who also has an easier pregnancy than usual due to the size of the pups which are on average smaller than the size of normal Husky pups.

What is a Pomsky’s personality and temperament?


When Pomsky’s are born their traits and personality just as their size can vary greatly.

In fact, this particular breed cannot be said to have any specific characteristics due to the large variability between the two parent dogs.

As a general rule of thumb however whatever traits the parents do share the pups will share too.

One thing that can be said then about Pomsky’s is that they are usually extremely friendly and playful, as both parents carry that same temperament too.

These make great dogs for those that work from home or have family members that are a home often. They don’t like to be left alone and they have a lot of energy. If there are children around they will likely pester each one in turn looking for a playmate!

They need a lot of fresh air as they love walking, running, playing, and just being outside with their family. If you and your family are away from home a lot then it might be better to chose a dog that doesn’t need so much attention. A dog that is bored can cause destruction!

One note also that needs to be said about these dogs is that just like both of their parent breeds they shed a lot of hair, particularly more so in the warmer and sunnier weather.

Things to consider when buying a Pomsky crossbreed

Before buying a Pomsky it’s important to consider many different things as these dogs are very expensive and a puppy can range inbetween the mark of $1000 to $3000. One reason for this is that it can be very hard to mate two dogs differing in such size as the Pomeranian and Husky.

Due to their expense and their designer status you are not going to find these types of dogs at any old place such as the animal shelter. They will be purposely bred by certified owners, or should be anyway!

It is very important to check that the breeders are legitimate and that the puppies are properly bred, as if they are not you will not be getting fully what you pay for.

Make sure you see the parents of the pup you are considering buying, a proper breeder should post original photos of the parents online along with the pups, and not stock photos easily found from Google images or anywhere else.

Also make sure that there is a paper trail every step of the way and that you are not asked to pay in cash or via a check which can’t be traced if things go wrong. Always ask for the licenses and registration of the owners and the certification of the dogs and pups you are going to see.

On top of that request medical information, any breeder who is not willing to show you the paperwork any of these things is best avoided as they are likely trying to scam you out of your money instead and you will not end up paying for the quality designer dog you wanted.

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