What top dog names will you call me?

Top dog names frequently change over the years; from country to country and state to state. There are hundreds, if not thousands of names to choose, but the most highly-favored names in Western countries are Max and Bella. Both of these have lovely meanings, which is what choosing a name is all about.

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In brief here are some tips of how to choose top dog names:

  • The name should always represent your dogs character and personality.
  • Avoid long and strange sounding names.
  • Always question the meaning.
  • What is the origin – locations can give you a good name ?
  • Dog names can be changed at any time.
  • Keep all dog names simple, with one or two syllables.
  • Their registered names can often be very nice, but sometimes complex; however, it may be worth considering.

For some more great tips on how to choose top dog names, browse through What will you call me?

We have thousands of names on our database, but if you don’t see your dog’s name listed and you want to help others, feel free to send us it HERE, we’ll be happy to add it. These top dog names are to help you think about a quality name with a rich meaning. Whatever your choice, hopefully you’ll find that special name here.

We guarantee 1000′s of great names on our site, nothing here will be offensive or too difficult for your dog to understand. Additionally, if there isn’t a meaning, then it won’t be listed. Our names includes their origins, name meanings and gender and are considered for all types of dog breeds.

Top dog names for top dogs

Dog Names Origin Gender Meaning
Abby Hebrew Female Father in rejoicing
Abner Hebrew Male Father is a light
Alfie Hebrew Male Elf counsel
Amber English Female Amber color
Angel Greek Female Messenger
Annie Hebrew Female Grace and Favor
Baby American English Unisex Baby
Bailey English Unisex Derived from bailiff
Bandit German Male Peace
Bear German / American Male Strong
Bearach Gaelic Male Spear
Beau French Unisex Handsome / Beautiful
Beaumount French Male Lovely Hill
Bella Hebrew Female My God is a vow / Beautiful
Belle French Female Beautiful
Blackie British Male Black in Color
Brandy English Female Burning Wine
Bruno German Male Armour
Buddy English Male Muscular / Good Friend
Buster American Male Tough / Strength
Casey / Cassie English Female Vigilant / Brave / Watchful
Charlie German Unisex Freeman
Chelsea English Female Chalk / Landing place
Chester Latin Male Camp / Fort
Chloe Greek Female Blooming
Cleo Greek Unisex Glory / Father
Coco / Cocoa French Female Derived from chocolate
Cody / Codie Gaelic Unisex Helper / Loyal
Cooper English Male Barrel Maker
Daisy English Female Day’s Eye
Dakota Native American Unisex Allies
Dinky / Dinks American Unisex Small
Dixie English Unisex Strong Power
Duke Latin Male Leader
Emma German Female Hole
Flash American Male Bright Boy
Ginger English Female Spring-like / Flourishing
Gizmo American Male Gadget
Gracie / Grace Latin Female Favor / Thanks
Gussie German Female Stave of the Goths
Hannah Hebrew Female Grace / Favor
Harley English Unisex Hare clearing
Harry German Male Home Ruler
Heidi German Female Noble One
Holly Greek Female Holly
Honey English Female Honey
Hunter English Male One who hunts
Jack Hebrew Male God is Gracious
Jake Hebrew Male Supplanter
Jasmine Persian Female Jasminum flower
Jasper Persian Female Treasure
Joey Hebrew Male God will enlarge
Katy Greek Female Pure
Lady Irish Female Madame
Lola Spanish Unisex Sorrow
Lucky English Unisex Fortunate
Lucy Latin Female Light
Maggie Greek Female Pearl
Max Latin Male Little Maximus
Maximus Latin Male The greatest
Megan Greek Female Pearl
Mickey Hebrew Unisex Who is like God?
Millie German Female Strength
Missy Greek Female Bee
Misty English Female Foggy
Murphy Gaelic Male Sea Warrior
Nikki Greek Female Victorious over people
Oliver French Male Elf
Oscar English Male Divine spear
Pepper English Male Seasoning
Poppy English Female Flower
Precious English Female Loved
Princess English Female Royal daughter
Prince English Male Royal Son
Riley Irish Unisex Courageous
Rocky English Male Stone
Rosie English Female Rose
Roxy Persian / Greek Female Star
Ruby Latin Female Red
Rudy German Male Wolf fame
Rufus Latin Male Red head
Rusty American / English Male Rust
Sadie Hebrew Female Princess
Sam / Sammy / Samson Hebrew Unisex His name is God
Samantha English Female Listener
Sandy Greek Female Defending men
Sasha Greek Unisex Defending men
Shadow English Unisex Shadow
Shelby English Unisex Sheltered
Sierra Spanish Female Mountain range
Simba Swahili Male Lion
Sophie Greek / Hebrew / French Female Wisdom / Princess
Tabby Aramaic Unisex Gazelle
Tasha Italian Female Christ’s birthday
Tawny English Female Tawny color
Teddy Greek / English / French Unisex Gift of God
Tiger English Male Strong tiger
Toby Hebrew Male God is good
Tucker Irish Male Tucker of cloth
Winston English Male Joy stone
Zeus Greek Male Living
Zoe Greek Female Life

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