Where to Buy a Dog From

We aren’t going to list specific places, but there are several options for this purpose and if you are asking yourself where to buy a dog from then here are some things to consider. A puppy you see in the pet shop will seem adorable, but is that the best place to get your new pet from?

Most Pet Stores = Puppy Farms

These are the places where pet stores get their puppies from as well as the kittens and the farms work as factory farms that focus only on breeding without any attention for the well-being of the animals. According to the RSPCA 95% of the puppies in the windows of the pet shop come from here.

The reason why we’re talking about this is because they have no human contact in the first months, which is crucial for their development and thus their temperament will be severely impacted by this.

Rescue or Foster

There are so many stray dogs throughout the world and the great thing with them is that you can adopt them for a while to see if you get along and only then take the final decision. The dogs that went through the pound have been classified as suitable for adoption, so they were tested thoroughly, making them much better pets.

You will find many purebreds or mixed breeds and you have to think that the only fault of these pets is that the family situation probably changed and they couldn’t take the responsibility of the pet on them, so they shouldn’t be considered in any way less than another dog.


There are many benefits in choosing to adopt from a breeder, but it will certainly cost you a lot more to do so. The first thing you want to do is check the place where they breed the dogs and see the parents of the puppy they are selling. If this isn’t possible then you should find another source.

Here are some things to think about before buying a puppy: what were the parents like, how was the pet treated before this moment, does the puppy seem sociable, was the pet screened for any possible genetic problems and was the puppy vaccinated?

Above all else you have to think that a dog is a companion but also a responsibility for the next 15 years or so and one that cannot be discarded easily, so ask yourself if you have the time and money to take care of a puppy.

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