World’s Best Cat Litter Exposed

What’s the world’s best cat litter and are there any differences between the types? Here, I am to give you the lowdown.

What type of cat litter is the best for you and your cat? There are many brands out there and many different types, but not all of them aim for the same thing. There’s not any one cat litter that does everything, but depending upon what you want you can happily find a type which works for you.

Some cat litters will work better than others to contain odors; others will have better clumping action. Some keep the urine and feces contained and easier to remove, and others are for long-term use, which can be left for more time before being cleared out.

On top of that there are also litters for use when your cat is sick or has just had surgery. For example, when they’ve been recently declawed or neutered you may need something much softer so as not to cause them discomfort or harm them.

Is clay the world’s best cat litter?

Clay litter is the most popular type of cat litter, especially for indoor cats. It is affordable, easy to use, and depending upon the brand; it can clump well in addition to containing odor. The clumping action gives us an easier life meaning we don’t need to clean out the entire litter box regularly.

However, there is evidence to suggest that clumping clay cat litter may be dangerous for your cat’s health. The chemical that is used to clump clay together is potentially harmful when ingested. Thus, if you have a cat that likes to eat everything they come across, then this type may not be for you.

Clay litter though is good for kittens who will more than likely eat the smaller pieces of the scoopable types of litter and who would otherwise end up with a sore stomach.

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What is scoopable cat litter?

Scoopable litter is exactly what the name suggests, it is scoopable! What this means is that you don’t have to empty the entire litter tray all in one go as regularly, but can instead scoop up the waste individually and dispose of it.worlds best cat litter

Scoopable litter can be made from clay, but there are other types too, which have become more popular recently. These types are plant based instead and can be made from wheat, pine, recycled paper, nut hulls and corn cobs.

Plant-based clumping litter is much healthier for your cat if they were to ingest it as the clumping agent is natural and not chemically synthetic unlike clay. However, a disadvantage is that the natural types may not contain odors as well and hence are not the best option for keeping indoors.

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Should you use crystal cat litter

Crystal cat litter is the longest lasting of all the different types of cat litters. It rarely needs changing and absorbs and holds in urine and odors extremely well. On top of that, unlike other cat litters it doesn’t end up tracked throughout the house as much.

However, it isn’t as environmentally friendly since the crystal pieces are made of silica, and it may be undesirable to your cat due to the shape, size and color. This is because it is much different to other litters that they’ve used before.

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Choosing the right type

At the end of the day, the right type will be decided by both, you and your cat. It is worth experimenting with what works for you the best. You can experiment what suits your needs and what doesn’t.

An important trick to remember is that when switching between two different types is to gradually introduce the new litter into the tray until it’s all that’s left. That way, your cat will more easily get used to whatever you decide to change over to!

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